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I love cats, but I just can't eat a whole one by myself

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Lifeline is pacifist love

Billy Coen is .44 Magnum love.

As Lady Ravenshadow, I am one half of the fanfic writing duo, Raven_Ladies,
creators of Unsung Heroes,
a series of G.I. Joe/Resident Evil crossovers, which can be found here:
Unsung Heroes
(Warning: strong language, violence, gore, slash - Billy Coen x Lifeline)

Dethklok is one fucked up metal love

Great Animated Cartoon Postcards

*Anime and manga fanatic.

*Aspiring writer.

*My Space Profile

*Self-proclaimed Queen of Metal.

*Love Goddess of geeks and nerds the world over.

Vice-President of the Delaware Anime Society (South Chapter), deanime
DAS: The Rising Sun in the First State

Likes: Anime/manga, metal-metal-metal!, reading (fantasy, light sci-fi, thrillers, horror, mystery and some non-fiction), writing, cats, hockey (Flyers!), boxing, Barbie, Pullips, Winx Club, shoes, vampires, collecting action figures, video gaming and guys with long hair.

Dislikes: Intoleranace, narrow-mindedness, 98% of most Republicans, conservatives, the religious right, bigots, "good ol boys", NASCAR, country, emo, metalcore, mansonites, punk pop, rap, anime snobs, idiots who don't use turn signals when they drive or turn off their bright lights at night, and tons of other stuff that would just take up too much room to write.

80s metal, adult swim, anime, billy coen, books, boromir, boys over flowers, brokeback mountain, corgi, count d, dante sparda, death metal, devil may cry, doom metal, dr. orpheus, dragonforce, epic metal, fake, fanfiction, fruits basket, fuyumi soryo, g.i. joe, gaming, gankutsuou, gears, gears of war, gerard butler, getbackers, girlschool, gojyo, goku, guilty gear, hakkai, harry dresden, harry potter, hatori soma, heavy metal, hello kitty, hellsing, industrial, iron maiden, jem, katatonia, kazuya minekura, kenshi, king of fighters, kizuna, kosen, kougaiji, ky kiske, leandros brothers, leo jimenez, leverage, liu kang, lord of the rings, manga, meier link, metalocalypse, moonspell, mortal kombat, mp3s, music, my dying bride, nwobhm, opeth, pale divine, paradise lost, pembroke welsh corgi, pet shop of horrors, pharoah, philadelphia flyers, philadelphia phantoms, power metal, progressive metal, pullips, rebecca chambers, remus lupin, resident evil zero, rhapsody, rob thurman, robin goodfellow, rock goddess, rock lee, saiyuki, sanami matoh, sanzo, saratoga, shaman king, shaolin soccer, shonen ai, silva, sirius black, slash, sol badguy, sonata arctica, soul calibur, storm riders, stravaganzza, symphonic metal, the cure, the witcher, thundercats, tokio hotel, tool, top chef, trinity blood, until the full moon, vampire hunter d, venture brothers, viking metal, vision of escaflowne, voltron, weiss kreuz, what not to wear, wheel of time, winx club, writing, wuxia, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yohji, yoko kamio, yuu shirota


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